Dznr has shut down.

Dznr has been a great experience since I launched it some time in the fall of 2007. As my first (and still, to date, biggest and most successful) web project it introduced me to exciting new technologies and many new friends.

Seeing as I never meant for it to become more than a personal experiment I was happy to soon see other projects built on the concept of a combined URL shortener and file hoster pop up, some of them still going strong.

The site became stagnant over the years (and bits and pieces started falling apart) so most of you moved on. Now, six years later, it’s time for me to do the same.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s ever been interested in dznr, but of course especially the little community that kept on using it over the years—and extra special thanks to those who donated to keep it running for this long.

Thanks for all your support and see you next time,


We never learnt how to pronounce it.